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No Dental Insurance? We have an Alternative in Omaha

Blue Sky’s Dental Insurance Alternative – “Blue For You”

Join us and get a 20% reduction in the cost of dentistry!

Many people avoid the dentist because they don’t have dental insurance, so Blue Sky Dental provides an open door to obtain the dental care you and your Omaha family needs. This dental insurance alternative program can completely replace the need for dental insurance. “Blue For You” is a unique discount plan created entirely by our office for Omaha residents without dental insurance. “Blue for You” is simply an agreement between you and our dental office. Our dental care staff is passionate about providing great family dentistry to everyone who wants it, and we don’t want cost to stop you from achieving optimal dental health for you and your Omaha family.

“Blue For You” Dental Program Details

Your enrollment will include:

  • Full exam, x-rays and cleaning
  • 20% discount on all dental work
  • 6 month exam and x-rays
  • Any other x-rays you may need throughout the year


  • For ALL dental treatment that you complete within 12 months of enrollment (not calendar year), you will receive a 20% discount, with no annual limits. This even applies to elective procedures such as whitening.
  • The first $190.00 covers your comprehensive examination, x-rays, and cleaning. This is what we call your enrollment cost, it begins our relationship with you as your dental provider and gets you to a point that we can begin treating your needs.
  • For each additional immediate family member that is added to the Program the cost is only $150.00. For those under 15 years of age, the cost is $120.00
  • If you require non-surgical cleanings for gum disease, these are not included in the enrollment fee as considered the initial covered cleaning. These cleanings are, however, immediately subject to the 20% discount.


  • Costs are due at time of service.
  • If you have periodontal disease and require 2 or 4 month periodontal maintenance appointments, these services are covered under the Program and you will receive 20% discount on the cleaning. Exams and x-rays at these appointments are covered 100%.

Contact Blue Sky Dental’s Omaha office today and stop avoiding the dentist simply because of the cost. Let “Blue For You” work for you!