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Meet Dr. Swirczek

Dr. Holly Swirczek is an Omaha dentist specializing in family dentistry, as well as cosmetic, restorative, and preventative dentistry. She is passionate about serving the dental care needs of families all over Omaha and the surrounding Nebraska communities.

Dr. Swirczek attended high school in Valley, Nebraska and prepared to attend Creighton University. She started at Creighton University with a degree in Biology, and eventually decided on pursuing the medical field. She was keen on the sciences and especially enjoyed the fields of biology and ecology.

holly swirczek, blue sky dental omaha, neWhile at Creighton, she happened to meet quite a few friends who were either already in Dental School or were heading there the next year, and their confidence in their program really intrigued her. Dr. Swirczek realized that teeth can be a great reflection of a person’s overall health, and she recognized how important it is to keep your teeth healthy along with your body. Consequently, the decision to go to Dental School was a great way to combine her medical interest with her abilities of fabrication.

Dr. Swirczek graduated from Creighton University Dental School and then went on to study at University of Nebraska where she completed a General Practice of Dentistry residency. Once she graduated, she decided to travel and she moved first to Anchorage, Alaska then to Las Cruces, New Mexico. She enjoyed the vast beauty and abundance of outdoor activities of Alaska and the colorful mountains of Southern New Mexico, but she always had the intention of returning to Omaha, and was glad to be back home after 4 years away.

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